Sunday, 13 September 2009

playing with green stuff

I have recently received a copy of "IMPETUS" by Dadi&Piombo. This seems on first read to be an ideal set of rules for what i like in a wargame, also the baisng system allows you to make dioramas out of your figures rather than just lining them up. So soon i will be rebasing my ashigaru after dulling them down with muted colours a little cos they look a bit bright really and adding a few more flags.

firstly i want to paint my command base, Okudaira Sadamasa, with his retinue and personal standards.

As you can see i have been playing with green stuff, making Sadamasas ''Ko uma-jirushi' (lesser standard) which is a 3D shape of a gourd on top of an umbrella. I have also added a "horo" to the back of his messenger. the base they will be on is 120mmx60mm mdf. i plan to use 10 figs to a base but if this looks to tight with the 2 large standards and all the sashimonos i will go down to 8.